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Finding your dream wedding dress, right wedding heels and other wedding accessories should be one of the most exciting moments of your wedding planning. And today there are more choices than ever before, even for more voluptuous brides. Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographers


No two brides are alike. It’s true every bride wants to look and feel great in her wedding dress. It’s also true she wants a dress which fits her vision, style and personality. As professional photographers with immense knowledge and experience in the wedding photography, we advise curvy brides not to just settle on anything.

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There are fabulous, flattering and stylish wedding dresses out there in the market to match your style and vision. You should not be frightened to try something new. From our many years of wedding photography experience, we have found your ideas may not look that great on you, so try, try, try other ideas before you settle on your wedding dress. We have heard so many brides tell us “this is not what I thought I wanted, but am so happy I listened to others when selecting my dress”.

Queensland Weddings While shopping for a wedding dress, don’t compromise and always be confident. Our advice for you is to choose figure-flattering styles and fabrics. Be aware strapless styles can make your shoulders and back look wider. So you should consider opting for styles with thicker straps or cap sleeves, or use a small shawl. Also avoid heavily-beaded bodices and appliqués below the waist as they can draw attention to areas you want to minimize.

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